News from Morogoro in Tanzania

The Congregation of the Resurrection

Resurrection Sisters' Mother General Teresa Maria CR and General Concilor Sr. Dorota CR  made a visit to their sisters working at a school in Buturu, in our parish at Butiama. During their stay in Tanzania they also visited our formation house in Morogoro on Friday, April 26th.

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Daily Prayer Calendar on the February 28

Intention for today

That, as members of the Congregation, we may regard ourselves as religious in the Church and for the Church, and consider pertinent ecclesiastical legislation and directives to be binding in our religious and apostolic lives. (Art. 11)

Prayer of intercesion: We pray for

For the conversion of sinners, and for all in affliction, temptation and agony.

For Father General and his council, that they may provide leadership in the Spirit, serving as models of living the charism, of openness and trust.

For vocations to the Congregation of the Resurrection.


Words of the Founder

Most merciful God, help me to amend my life! (Paris, 5/2/1835)