Diaconate Ordination of André Malta, CR, in Brazil

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On the Solemnity of St. Joseph, March 19, 2016, our seminarian André Malta Martins, C.R., was ordained to the Order of Deacon in Franco da Rocha (Sao Paulo), by Bishop Robert Kurtz, C.R. The ordination took place at Immaculate Conception Parish, where our Resurrectionists of the South American Region are working. Parish Pastor Fr. Alexandre Alessio, C.R., welcomed several confreres who concelebrated in the solemn Eucharist: Regional Superior Fr. Lucano Piotrowski, Fr. Antonio Motyka, General Councilor Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa (André's Rector at the CR International Seminary in Rome), Fr. Marcio Mendes (André's former Rector in Curitiba), Fr. Edson Siqueira da Silva and Fr. Fabio Siqueira Fonseca. The Region's seminarians also participated in the joyful ceremony.

Our prayers are with Deacon André as he renders pastoral service now and prepares to be ordained to the priesthood in the Congregation.


Posted on Mar 2016,

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