Prayer Calendar April 5

Intention for today

That we may zealously proclaim the good news of Jesus to the poor: the news that He came to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, to free the oppressed, to comfort the afflicted and to forgive the sinner. (Art. 25)

Prayer of intercesion: We pray for

That our experience of listening to the voice of the Lord and walking in his ways during these dadys may help us to deepen our understanding of the Paschal Mystery.

That, as a Community, we may be generous in our response to the cry of the poor.

For the gift of wisdom for our Superiors.



Words of the Founder

O God, pardon my weakness and my sins through your Son, Jesus Christ, and the intercession of his most holy Mother...Assist me to be completely reborn in Christ! (Paris, 2/26/1836)