Prayer Calendar June 4

Intention for today

That, if we have views about a matter, or about the way it should be done, contrary to the orders we have received, we will consider the matter seriously before God and then present our views to the Superior, who may never have considered the issue from this point of view. (Art.45)

Prayer of intercesion: We pray for

For the Church, our Holy Father and for our local Ordinary.

For those who have commended themselves to our prayers, and those for whom we have promised to pray.

For those seeking employment.


Words of the Founder

For every good thought, for every kind and powerful word (not attributing it to myself, God forbid, for that would be blasphemy, ingratitude, the basest kind of lie) I should offer thanks to the most merciful God... (Solesmes, 12/18/1837)