Prayer Calendar June 7

Intention for today

That we may give clear evidence of dying to self and offer God a most pleasing sacrifice when, through obedience, we lovingly fulfill even what is contrary to our views and inclina­tions. (Art.45)

Prayer of intercesion: We pray for

For our country, and for our parents, relatives, friends and benefactors.

For those who have commended themselves to our prayers, and those for whom we have promised to pray.

For a spirit of evangelization to reach out to those who have left the Church and welcome them home.



Words of the Founder

(I resolve) to write...not attributing anything to myself; not being affected by what I wrote or the success it enjoyed...but rather fulfilling God's bidding, working hard, using the talents I have received from God for his benefit... (Solesmes, 12/18/1837)