USA Province

The United States of America Province was formally established more than eighty years after the first Resurrectionists came to work in the country. Immediately after the American Civil War, in 1866, Frs. Adolph Bakanowski, C.R., and Vincent Barzynski, C.R., along with seminarian Felix Zwiardowski, C.R., were sent by Superior General Fr. Jerome Kajsiewicz to Texas to work with Polish immigrant settlers. Felix Zwiardowski became the first Resurrectionist to be ordained in the U. S., in Galveston, Texas, on April 20, 1867. He assisted Fr. Bakanowski, Vicar General of the Polish missions in Texas, at Panna Maria, which was the first Resurrectionist foundation in the USA. Although the mission in Texas lasted only until the death of Fr. Zwiardowski in 1895, these first three members to work on American soil are considered the founders of the Province.

The major development of the Congregation's work in the USA took place among Polish immigrants in Chicago. Beginning in 1869 with St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, the "Mother Church of Polonia in Chicago", Resurrectionists established many parishes and parish schools throughout the Chicago area, primarily among the Polish immigrants, but also among the Italian community. Primarily through the pioneering efforts of Fr. Vincent Barzynski, C.R., the Community also established hospitals, societies, fraternal organizations, and credit unions, some of which still exist.

As the Congregation began to consolidate its work in the U.S. in the 20th Century, Resurrectionists began to work in parishes in Florida, California and Missouri, and opened a mission to African Americans in the State of Alabama. The General Chapter of 1932 designated the religious houses of the U.S. as a delegature, with Fr. Thaddeus Ligman, C.R., as the first Delegate General. Finally, in 1948 the Chicago Province was officially established, with Fr. Casimir Guziel as the first Provincial Superior. The first Provincial Chapter was held on December 29-30, 1952, under Provincial Fr. Stanley Fiolek. In the 1980's the Province's name was changed to the USA Province, more accurately reflecting the continent-wide makeup of the houses and membership.

Today both the USA Province's membership and its apostolates reflect the multi-cultural nature of the country: Polish American, Latin American, African American and other European backgrounds. The Province sponsors one high school and has members involved in secondary and higher education. Its parishes include pastoral service rendered in Spanish, Polish and even Vietnamese languages, as well as ministry in Eastern Catholic Rites of the Church. The Province's formation house is in St. Louis, Missouri.

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