Our mother  house, situated in the centre of the old city of Rome, stands as a sign of the union of our international community with the Church of Rome.

In 1885 the community was looking for a new home in Rome and an opportunity presented itself to purchase a house on Via San Sebastianello – known as Villino Margherita, an inn for travelers. The property had enough space to build a church. The Christian Brothers who lived next door warmly supported Fr. Semenenko’s efforts to purchase the property. The house was purchased for 340,000 Francs, money borrowed from a French banker.

In the spring of 1886 the community moved to their new home and renovations as well as the construction of a new church would begin.

The Motherhouse now consists of residence areas for the Superior General and his council as well as for a number of priests who are doing graduate studies at various colleges in Rome. At times there are also Resurrectionist priests living in the house who hold positions in the Vatican. In addition there is a seminary wing for young students preparing for the priesthood within the Congregation. There is a separate section that houses the Benedictine Samaritan Sisters from Poland who are in charge of the kitchen and sacrisity. 

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