General Administration

Vicar General timuniacsm
The Very Rev. Timothy Uniac C.R. (Ontario-Kentucky Province)

The Vicar General has the same qualifications as the Superior General and is elected for the same term as the Superior General. He supports the superior general and shares in his ministry to the Congregation. He substitutes for the superior general in his absence. His role is also to prepare and coordinate the yearly meetings of the extended General Council. 

Fr. Timothy is also the Econom General. The econom general is appointed by the superior general with the consent of his council. He administers the temporal goods of the Congregation under the direction of the superior general and the vigilance of the general council in accordance with the norms of common law and the civil law of the country. He holds and administers wills and bequests made to the Congregation. He obtains financial reports from the provinces, the regions and those houses directly dependent upon the superior general. He presents a financial report at the meetings of the extended general council and at the general chapter.

evandrosmProcurator General
Rev. Evandro Miranda Rosa C.R. (South American Region)

The Procurator General is a member of the general council and appointed by the Superior General. He serves as the official liaison with the Holy See when he acts at the direction of the Superior General and his council. He prepares reports for the Sacred Congregations. At the direction of the General and council, he presents to the Holy See requests for permissions, dispensations and indults, whether these are for the Congregation as a whole, or for provinces, regions, houses or individual members. He oversees and counsels the Congregation in judicial matters and advises in the updating of the Constitutions and Statutes in accordance with new Church legislation.

Father Evandro also coordinates the International Formation Commission and is rector of the seminarians who reside at the Generalate house in Rome.

Secretary General jimgibsonsm
Rev. Jim Gibson C.R. (USA Province)

The secretary general keeps the minutes of the meetings of the Superior General and his council, is responsible for current archives and takes care of the official correspondence. He gathers and disseminates news and information about the Congregation to all the members.

Fr. Jim is also the promoter of the community patrimony and coordinates the work of the International Resurrection Studies Commission.