Prayer Calendar October 16

Intention for today

That our religious working among people of nationalities other than their own may strive to acquire a thorough knowledge of the language, culture and customs of the people they serve as well as their own, in order to render greater service to the people of God, to witness more effectively for Christ and to insure their own greater self-fulfilment. (Art.200)

Prayer of intercesion: We pray for

For the conversion of sinners, and for all in affliction, temptation and agony.

For those seeking employment.

For God's blessing on the people of St. Hedwig Parish in Chicago, Illinois.



Words of the Founder

One of the main reasons for the failure of our national cause is that people with greater desire, people who understood perhaps better than others how to salvage that cause, did not exercise sufficient concern for who was at the helm, influenced as they were by the tradition of political self-denial. (KW,83)