New General Council of the Congregation

33 Chapter

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        On Saturday, June 17, 2017, the members of the 33rd General Chapter elected the members of the General Council who will be assisting Superior General Fr. Paul Voisin, C.R.. Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa, C.R., a member of the South American Region, was elected to the office of Vicar General, while the first and second general councilors are Fr. Jacek Praski, C.R., of the United States of America Province, and Fr. Andrzej Gieniusz, C.R., a member of the Polish Province and the Roman House, respectively.

The Congregation expresses its gratitude for the dedicated work of Council members who have finished their six year terms: Superior General Fr. Bernard Hylla, C.R., Vicar General Fr. Timothy Uniac, C.R., and general councilor Fr. James Gibson, C.R.; and our entire international Community asks the blessings of the Risen Lord and the intercession of Our Lady of Mentorella, Mother of Divine Graces, for the work of the new General Council in guiding the consecrated life of all Resurrectionists. (In photo, from left: Vicar General Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa CR, Superior General Fr. Paul Voisin, C.R., Fr. Jacek Praski, C.R., and Fr. Andrzej Gieniusz, C.R.)

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