Convocation of the XXXIV General Chapter


The Decree of Convocation of the XXXIV General Chapter by the Superior General

Dear Brothers

In fraternal communion with the members of the Extended General Council, according to paragraph 11 of our General Directory of Chapters, I officially issue this Decree, convoking the 

XXXIV General Chapter of the Congregation of the Resurrection of the Lord 

which will be held in the Generalate in Rome from

Tuesday, June 20 to Thursday, July 6, 2023. 

In our Constitutions, in article 86, we read "The General Chapter holds the supreme authority in the Congregation and exercises its collegially. ... The principal tasks of the General Chapter are the following: concern for the general welfare of the Congregation, the promotion of unity, the stimulation of cooperative progress within the Congregation, and the evaluation of the Community's fidelity to its Charism”.

In fidelity to the Code of Canon Law*, and in keeping with article 90 of our Constitutions, there will be representation of each jurisdiction of the Congregation, through its elected leadership, 'ex officio' members, and elected delegates. This ensure that the Chapter is "to be composed in such a way that it represents the whole institute and becomes a true sign of ts unity in charity" (*631.1). 

On Tuesday, September 27, the first meeting of the General Chapter Steering Committee was convened, with the participation of the representatives of each jurisdiction of the Congregation, and the General Council. It is our hope and intention that all members of the Congregation will become engaged in the preparation for the General Chapter. In this spirit, each representative (according to their conditions), together with the elected or 'ex officio' delegates of their jurisdiction will facilitate an opportunity in local Houses to identify concerns, issues, and suggestions that could be formulated into a possible Resolution, and a potential Action Resolution. We would ask that any proposals resulting from this dialogue be forwarded to the General Council in Rome before Easter Sunday, April 9, so that they can be distributed to the General Chapter Delegates. This will be of use for our discussion and deliberation in the five traditional areas we deal with during the Chapter: Spirituality, Community and Government, Formation, Apostolates, and Financial Stewardship. 

The theme of our XXXIV General Chapter will be "Journey in Hope Together". Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we are walking with the Lord Jesus, and He continues to bless and grace us so that our eyes may be opened, and our hearts might burn anew. Thus we will see the Risen Lord as He truly is, and we will be more faithful witnesses to His resurrection. Together, in Community and with our lay associates, we will work together for the resurrection of society, as Bogdan Jański envisioned. Ina world of confusion, fear and doubt - like that of the two disciples - God will work in our Chapter to recognize Him, and share our charism and mission in and for the Church. 

As we journey together in this time of preparation for the XXXIV General Chapter, I ask you to pray fervently that the Holy Spirit wilead and guide all of us, as we participate in preparation for the Chapter, and in particular for the guidance of the Delegates to the General Chapter. 

Our Lady of Mentorella, Mother of Divine Graces, pray for us! 

Paul S. Voisin C.R.

Superior General 

Prot. N. 33/22/66
October 4, 2022
Memorial of St. Francis of Assisi 

Rome, Italy 


Posted on Oct 2022,