News from Morogoro in Tanzania

Z Matka i S.DorotaResurrection Sisters' Mother General Teresa Maria CR and General Concilor Sr. Dorota CR  made a visit to their sisters working at a school in Buturu, in our parish at Butiama. During their stay in Tanzania they also visited our formation house in Morogoro on Friday, April 26th.

In the photo, from left are Sr. Dorota, Mother Teresa and Fr. Andrzej Duda at the Salvatorian Jordan University College (JUCO), where our seminarians are studying. In the background is a mural painting of African saints.

Z Generalem CM2 

On May 1st and 2nd, Superior General Fr. Gregory Gay, C.M. of the Vincentian Missionaries visited their seminary in Morogoro. He also took the opportunity to meet with Fr. Andrzej and our seminarians, who are housed at the same seminary. In the photo are Fr. Gregory and Fr. Andrzej after the community Eucharist.

Posted on May 2013,